Kilimanjaro Foods

Kilimanjaro Foods

We also pride ourselves in providing quality food at each meal. Your body needs fuel for your Kilimanjaro climb, and like a car, you can either fuel with premium or regular. You will be provided a three course meal, three times a day, providing nothing but the best available. We have runners coming up the mountain with fresh food throughout the trip so you are provided with quality nutritious meals throughout the entire journey up and down the mountain.

We have been running trips to climb Kilimanjaro for over 15+ years now. Ian Taylor Trekking has also put over 3,000 people on the summit, with a 95% success rate on our every route up the mountain. Likewise, our route climbs have 85% success rates. We run over 30 trips to climb Kilimanjaro each year and pride ourselves on helping people get the right training and information prior to their climb. If you are considering a climb up Kilimanjaro.

Keeping hydrated is crucial in the Kilimanjaro acclimatising process - and you will get dehydrated easily not just from the walking each day but by breathing in the air at higher altitudes. We have big mess tents for dining and socialising in - meaning that whatever the weather or temperature on Kilimanjaro there will be cover and shelter to enjoy each meal.

Ensuring that you are well fed - and fully fuelled for climbing Kilimanjaro is paramount - so you've enough energy to get to the top. On all of our Kilimanjaro climbs you will be fully supported by a team of chefs, and cooking porters whom will cater for every dietary requirement and you will have 3 hot cooked meals a day - plus a plentiful supply of water and hot drinks.

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