Kilimanjaro Tipping Guide

Kilimanjaro Tipping Guide

Tipping is a “compulsory tradition” on every Kilimanjaro Climb. It is important to know from our Kilimanjaro Tipping Guide before you are attempting for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.Tips for the Mountain crew are regular practice and Tipping on Kilimanjaro is vast as you will need to whole team to climb with you, like guides, porters, cooks and other crew members. However, the decision on How Much Should You to Tip on Kilimanjaro does not depend on whether you have reached the summit or not but how well the Kilimanjaro guides served you.Every group has a lead guide and generally has one assistant guide per three climbers. You will have one cook for every 10 climbers. The tour operator also offers one waiter per group and one toilet porter per group. To know How Much Should You Tips to Porters on Kilimanjaro, you should go for our Kilimanjaro Tipping Recommendations.

The number of porters in your group depends on the Kilimanjaro route you have selected and the number of days for Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. However, there are two porters per person in lesser itinerary routes, and three porters per person on all other routes. The number of porters is larger for small groups. Make an effort to know your porters and their roles if possible. They will appreciate the recognition. You can also take the help of Kilimanjaro Tipping Guidelines while tipping.

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