Sleeping tents are essential to sleep peacefully while in Kilimanjaro hike. It can be packed and easily carried in a rucksack. Tents upon up to a dimension of 7 X7 feet and can comfortably accommodate 2-3 people. The interior is both spacious and warm.

  • Waterproof-No worry for rain or heavy snowfall
  • Stable and Strong-Fiberglass-reinforced plastic framework provides durability against strong wind at high elevation
  • Automatic Pop-up-German spring pressure opening system, sleep-ready in under 30 seconds
  • Ultra lightweight-The polyester material ensures that it doesn’t become a burden to carry around
  • Sun-protection-Protection against harmful UVA + UVB sunrays while keeping the interior warm
    Included with the sleeping tent rent package: fly sheets, poles, pegs, and other miscellaneous items

Note: Features may vary depending upon brand and its availability with us.


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